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Isn’t She Beautiful

The first series of every year at MCC is related to our vision and purpose as a church. For 2012, we wanted to focus on the church as the Bride.

Since we were on the heels of Christmas 2011, I decided to use something available from an outside source and edit accordingly. I used a base file from .

For the bumper, again being crunched for time, I made a video of various church members’ wedding photos on and added our tagline at the end.

For the stage design, I wanted it to feel like a wedding, without being too cheesy.

We decided to use white muslin fabric that we already had, along with the same PAR38 LED’s that we use for everything. This was perfect, since they make no heat and it really looked “wedding-like. Since the top looked a bit jagged, we wrapped christmas lights inside of a small piece of muslin and hung it along the top. We used various wedding props that we had at the church, like the pedestal columns, hurricanes and candles. We even played traditional wedding music for our pre-service time. I was most pleased with the stage design out of anything that we did. It was a great focus on the Bride for everyone who came in.

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