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So, we had a 2 week series (which, I HATE when I have the same amount of work to do, for it only to be used for 2 weeks, then we chuck it and have to have another set of graphics for the next series… but I digress…) and Josh wanted to call it “CLUTCH”, as in, that moment when you might win it all, or fail miserably.

I figured, if I was just a 2 week series, I’d try my hand at something new, and if it failed, then people would only have to look at it for 2 weeks, and then we’d forget it ever happened. So, I went deep into the world of 3D text.

The truth is, it wasn’t too difficult overall. I just had to figure out what I was doing. THAT’s what took so long. I did the entire thing in Photoshop, using 3D repoussé. I wrote the text, then used repoussé to extrude it. It took me a while to realize how to render it out, after I had figured out how to place my lights proportionally to where the lights would have been in the image. Of course, I moved the lights a bit from where they “should” be, since I wanted the shadows to cast a bit farther for effect. Only after all of that did I realize that I needed to use the “Ground Plane Shadow Catcher” for the floor shadows. Once I found that I could see the ground plane, and manipulate it as well, it really all started coming together. After I had rendered it all out, I realized that it needed some texture. So, I found a generic concrete texture and added on top as a mask. I realize there are “better” ways to do this, but I just needed a small amount of texture, and I didn’t want to backtrack too far. I added about 10 filters on the original image, to make it more dream-like. I manually added a gradient soft focus, lots of contrast, darkened it up, cooled it off and added a bit of vignette. I know that I could make the image quicker and better if I did it again, but it was a great learning experience, and for a 2-week series, it was just right. I think I came through in the clutch moment! (OK, I know it was corny, but I couldn’t resist!)

Here is the bumper that we used for the series.

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