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For the “Our FATHER” series, I didn’t focus on the graphics as much as the stage design and video elements.

So, the graphic is very much so from and is not my own. I simply changed the title to fit out needs, and did a few other small adjustments. Using this graphic freed me up to focus on stage design and video elements that I don’t always get to work on. Here’s a quick view of the stage.

I had these large (3’x8′) stained glass banners printed in black and white from Kinkos for about 75 cents a square foot. Then I lit them with our trusty PAR 36 LED’s that we use for everything. It was such a dramatic statement when you walked in our very bland and windowless worship center.

We were also able to make a promotional video for this series. This was really my first attempt at anything on this scale. And honestly, the video idea kind of came together as the video was being made. We wrote the script, used an iPad and a free app for a teleprompter, and shot in a local Presbyterian church. Then, I took one evening at church when we had our Family Ministry Night, and recorded people writing out the prayer. I then ripped up various parts, strung them together, and this is what we got!


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