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Lent and Easter of 2011 was full of the seven different “I AM” statements that Jesus makes before his death.

In order to incorporate them all, I decided to actually use the words in the graphic. This posed a problem, as there were so many. I came up with the idea, and then search the interwebs for ideas on how to make it work. Other than a few specific differences for our situation (colors, textures, actual text, etc) I found my inspiration here. No need to explain how it’s done, if someone else already has!

For Easter, we changed the color scheme a bit to inspire hope.

For the most part, I simply changed the cloud rendering colors, a few other filters and some gradient on the other text. This image was for a local newspaper, so the text is a bit small on the “I AM.” But it had to be sacrificed on such a small image.

Overall, this was a graphic package that I am very proud of. It was so mysterious throughout Lent, as we encouraged people to search out who Jesus was trying to tell them that He was. And, on Easter, to remind us all that not only “was” He the resurrection & the life, but he “is” for us everyday.

  1. Hey John! Great graphic! How can I purchase it to use for a sermon series we’re doing? Do you allow that?

    • Hey Jason! You’re welcome to use it. Send me an email to John.Lovell(at) and I’ll email you the high quality versions. I have some other resources that we used that you’d be welcome to as well. Thanks for the kind words, and for your work in God’s kingdom!

  2. Pastor Ruth Boettcher permalink

    These truly are wonderful, John. I starting to put together a series on the I Am statements for Lent, 2014. I’m wondering if I, too, could get copies of your work.

  3. Glad to have found your good looking graphic. We are doing a sermon series on the I am statements leading up to Easter this year, would it be possible to purchase these or to use them?

  4. Hey John. Doing a search for graphics for a series on the I Am statements of Christ and found your graphic. Is it available on shutter stock or any other source where it can be purchase? I would like to use it but don’t want to violate any copyright infringements.

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