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For our Advent series in 2010, we wanted something that was simple, but very colorful. So, I chose a single branch with single, simple ornament. We focused the series on remembering why we used to love Christmas, and how to rediscover the Christ that came to us.

I was inspired by a stock image much like this one, but we couldn’t spend the money for the image. So, to create this image, I used a branch and cut everything out except the one branch that stuck out well. I took a picture of an ornament, put enough filters and adjustments until I liked the simple frosted look. Then, for each week of Advent, I changed the color of the ornament, based on the topic and feel of the Sunday. For the reflection, I created the text, copied it, flipped it, then changed the gradient fill.

This was one of the first images that I created from scratch.

For the stage design, we used simple coroplast with some cheap PAR36 LEDs. This was also my first stage design for Sunday morning worship. It was very easy, and impressive for the first stage design!

This is what we used for the bumper video. I created this with Google’s story telling application. It was perfect for the theme.

Here is the intro video that we used from the first Sunday for the series. Its a decent shot of the stage design.


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