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our NUMBERED days

As we started talking about this series, “our NUMBERED days,” we discussed how quickly our lives seem to go so often. We turn around and realize that life is passing by, that we’re about to celebrate another birthday, another year, and it seems we just finished the last one. So, I wanted to convey that in the title graphic. I found a great vector tree, and recolored it a bit, added a horizon with a small gradient. Then I used some great clouds that I had used in a former graphic, as well as a generated clouds from Photoshop for the texture in the back. I found the birds in a vector online as well from . I started with the text slightly different. Then I started lining it up, and found a common line that worked well for the flow of the text.

One Comment
  1. Nice! The picture and some personal experiences inspired the following post,

    would be honored if you could take a look!

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