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Operation ZoZo Update – Day 5


So, I’m running on even less sleep than i had in the last post, so I’m going to get to the point. Last night, Hillary and I were able to sleep in one of the family rooms just down the hall from the NICU. We were very thankful for it, but I had to sleep on the floor, so I’m a little less sentimental, and a little more temperamental. Anyway, here’s the update on Zoe, as we know it…

Zoe is crying well, and sounds NOTHING like Faith. Earlier, we could barely hear a funny little piggy cry. Today, we’ve heard her voice, so she seems to have recovered from the intubation well enough to use her throat a little more. It’s music to our ears.

Cathing is down to only every 8 hours. Her residual (urine left in that she didn’t or couldn’t pee out herself) is still very low, so she’s urinating well enough to reduce the need to manually empty her bladder.

Head circumference is still at 32 cm, so it’s completely unchanged from when she was born. If at increases very much, it may indicate the need for a shunt. But as of right now, we may be ok. She had a head ultrasound today to check a little more thoroughly if she needs it or not.

Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy came by this morning and said her movement is pretty good. She is doing perfect above the waist, doing well from the ankles up, but she still doesn’t seem to have much control of her feet. She can move them a little, but doesn’t do her reflexes well enough for them. They gave us some massages and exercises to do with her to help her straighten her feet and get them stronger.

She has some swelling above her surgical site, which is normal for a couple of days afterwards. It should go down on it’s own. If not, they’ll look at draining it.

We still have no idea when we might go home, but we’re staying optimistic. God knows how long He wants her here, and we love the peace of mind that someone is watching her at all times. But we are anxious to have Faith get to see her, and for us to all be home together. Continue to pray for us as we manage all of Zoe’s doctors’ names and try to remember everything that they tell us. We love you all and appreciate all of the support!


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  1. allison jenkins permalink

    john,hiliary,faith,and zoe…we love the website updates!!! pictures are so sweet of baby zoe. know that we are praying for your prayer requests. caden can’t wait to touch her ha!ha! you know how he loves babies!!!! god bless, hope you have something more comfortable to sleep on tonite:)

    • Thanks Allison! We got a hotel yesterday, and we reserved it for tonight too, to make sure we get good rest. Thanks for praying for us! We miss you guys!

  2. Gingie Hines permalink

    Know you are writing down every thing the doctor says, so you can remember it. I’d have to. So much info.
    Praying for your peace of mind as it relates to Faith. Know how you feel wanting her to be satisfied and realize how bad you want to see her. When you do get home, you’ll look back (at some point), and you’ll think that the hospital stay wasn’t that long in the scheme of things.
    Those are some positive reports you are giving about Zoe. I’m thankful. Now we need to pray for her feet and for healing of the wound.

    Love you guys! You’re on my mind and in my prayers many times a day.

    • Gingie, you have been so great to our family, we don’t deserve it. Thank you so much for praying for us, Faith and Zoe. We know that God can totally heal everything. We also know that He continues to form her into His image, and in the way that He wants. We’re trusting that He knows what He’s doing, and why He’s doing it. He can heal her, but even if He doesn’t, we’re choosing to trust Him. We love you so much, and can’t wait for you to meet Zoe!

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