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What is good news?


“I’ve got good news, and bad news. Which one do you want first?”

How many times have we heard that one? I can promise that Hillary has heard it way too many times during the remodeling of our house, keeping Faith on her long work days, and through our almost 8 years of marriage. So often the bad news that I share is actually only bad news to her. To me, it was just fine!

“We ended having to buy that new drill that I wanted, because my old one broke!”
“Faith said her first word… DADA!”
“That dramatic comedy movie is sold out, but the geeky one has LOTS of tickets left!”

In the end, the value of the news is all based on the recipient’s expectations.

Think about that again. Whether news is good or bad, is really only based on what we had planed for the news to be.

Let’s say Hillary wanted to eat at a certain restaurant, and I wanted a different one. My choice happened to be closed today. Bad news for me; good news for Hillary. It’s only bad news for me, because what I had planned didn’t happen the way I wanted. Is Hillary’s restaurant good? Sure. But I had my plans already. I knew what I wanted. Even if I end up liking her choice better than I would have liked my own, at least initially, it’s bad news.

I hope you’re getting the analogy already. If not, start reading this again. đŸ˜‰

Over the next two and a half months, we’ll be getting updates on our daughter, Zoe, and her status with Spina Bifida. We have gotten a lot of good news, and even a little bad news. It is so easy to take what we hear at each of these doctors visits and focus on the good news and the bad news. We tend to take what we hear, and we categorize it as either good or bad. Each update gets the tag as something “we’re thankful for”, or something that we’re “still praying for”.

I can’t help but wonder if this is really the way God wants us to respond to His work. Does He want us to refer to some of what He does as good, and some of His creation as bad?

Should we say that since this seems easier, it’s good? Since we will need to rely on His provision less, it must be great news. Are the situations which line up closer to our own plans actually the blessings that we claim them to be?

But when we hear what requires more faith in Him, when the news seems overwhelming, we call it bad. When the work that He continues to do, the “knitting” that He is carefully creating doesn’t fit into the plan that we had, the hopes that we dreamed of, it’s heartbreaking news.

What terrible news that Abraham got when He was told to sacrifice his only son on the alter, and then be saved and see the provision of God. Moses‘ mother heard the bad news that her child had no chance of life, only later to be saved from slavery by him. Surely when the disciples saw Christ die, they only saw bad news. They couldn’t even begin to comprehend what God was going to do just three days later.

When we, like Peter, see the waves and feel the tide, we lose the very faith that allowed us to move closer to Christ in the first place. What terrible perspective that we have. If we could remember that every good and perfect gift comes from above, and not from our plans, this terminology would probably dissipate from our vocabulary. No longer would we get “good” or “bad” news about the work that Christ himself is seeing to completion.

While it is easy to cling to the words from doctors of Zoe’s condition, we have to remember that our Great Physician has never blinked an eye throughout this pregnancy. He has been fully aware of every part of her body. When we received the news of Spina Bifida for the first time, He was not caught off guard. As a matter of fact, He created the very place that we now refer to as “the defect”. It was His plan all along. And He knows that it is all for our good, for Zoe’s good, and for His glory.

So, when it comes to Zoe, you will no longer hear me talk about good news. You will no longer hear me call things bad news. My creator is creating my child in His image, so, no matter what, and even if, it is all GOOD NEWS. The news of the work of God before our very eyes must be good news. Seeing the completion of something that only God can complete can only be referred to as good news.

So, what’s the “good news” or “bad news” that you need to call “good” for God’s glory?


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