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As much as I wish spring would hurry up and get here, something I look forward to each year before that happens is about to get started at MCC. It’s time to kick off the season of Lent. Every year at MCC, we participate in a time of fasting as a community. I look forward to this time every year, as we work together as a church in preparing ourselves for the upcoming celebration of Easter.

As a student ministry, we’ve decided to not only join along, but to raise the bar a little.  Over these next 50 days, we have set the challenge to read through 3 books of the New Testament, Romans, Hebrews and John. There are enough days until Easter that will allow us to read one chapter each day, finishing with John’s recording of the death and resurrection of Christ. I’m so excited about experiencing this with our students and adult leaders and other individuals that are not even a part of our ministry.

So, why are we doing all of this?  Because we believe that God is already so active all around us, and we want to tune into that activity as a community.  I have no doubt that God is going to show Himself in some very interesting ways through this process. He is already revealing things to some of our students and adults, and it’s only been 2 days! How awesome to see God at work!

If you would like to read along with us, here is a link to a calendar with each day’s reading.  We’re going to be communicating as a community through 4 means…

  1. This Blog.  I hope to post as often as I can. and even have some guest bloggers record their thoughts about the readings. If you would be interested in being a guest blogger, let me know!
  2. Facebook. So much of the world of a teenager exists through Facebook.  Our fan page is a great place to post your thoughts, favorite verse, frustrations, and prayer requests during this season.
  3. Twitter. Although twitter is still not as widely used as Facebook in our area, many of you are connected to each other with 140 characters. So, we’re tagging with #stuco50 any posts about our readings during lent. If you’d like to keep up, you can search for the hashtag #stuco50 , or you can follow @mccstuco to get the daily reading link and ReTweets from others who are participating with us.
  4. 612. Each 612 leading up to Easter, we will be using part of the scripture from the previous week and focus on the application as a community. Each small group will be keeping each other accountable to what they are fasting from, and will discuss their reaction to their devotion time that week. If you’re not in a small group at stuCo, just show up, and we’ll help you connect with a group that’s right for you.

Lent is traditionally just about fasting from something for an extended period of time. But what if it was more than that this year for you? What if, this year, you commit to making lent more about being a catalyst for your relationship with your family, friends, coworkers and even Christ. If you’re still looking for ideas on what to fast from, here are a few that our parents thought of during our parent small group yesterday…

  • No watching TV during meals at home
  • No radio/CD/iPods in the car
  • Not using our phones in the car
  • No drive-through meals (at least eat in!)
  • Getting up 15 minutes extra early for family breakfast

There are so many other things to fast from, and you can get lots of ideas from many other blogs, or ever google. But remember, the goal is not to remove something and pick something else to fill in the gap. We want to use the opportunity to fill our lives with awareness of God’s presence around us.  So, what are you fasting from this year?


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  1. Cindy Deininger permalink

    Remember me, Mr. Lovell? 🙂

    I got here through a link on facebook and I really think I was meant to click it when I usually would have passed it.
    Though I’m not technically in StuCo anymore, (and I haven’t even been in Morgantown let alone MCC since early January!) I really want to take part in this, reading a chapter everyday, It’s something I really feel I need.
    I miss everyone at MCC so much, as much as I love it here at Murray State, I could use a good dose of home.
    I hope everyone is well!
    I’m excited about this! 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you’re going to do this with us too Cindy! Keep us updated on how it’s going. We love you and miss you too, but I’m glad you’re enjoying Murry so much too. But come back and visit soon!

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