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I Just Want to Celebrate!


First of all, all week leading up to this topic, I can’t get this song out of my head. I’ve included a video here, so you can join me in my madness!

This week, 612 was canceled because of the big snow that hit Butler County and much of the rest of the state. So to make up for it, here’s a quick update on the next principle in our re:Focus series at MCC.

Sunday, Josh shared some of his ideas about how worship is not an hour on Sunday, but is a lifestyle choice that we make everyday. When it comes to worship, Christ makes a clear point on how to find out what we give our devotion to in Matthew 15…

“But what comes out of the mouth gets its start in the heart.”

From our mouths, we share what our heart really feels. So much is written about the tongue and the power it has, to control us, and to bless others; to tear down, and to speak truth. Over and over again, we are reminded to control our speech. Paul even tells us not to let any unwholesome talk come from our lips. What a tall order! I know that I’m guilty of saying things at times that Paul probably wouldn’t classify as wholesome talk.

I wonder what would happen if we committed this week, this month, to not only love people, but to say it to them. What if, instead of just living a “good Christian life” we shared our story with a friend. ¬†We’re all broken, and we all need healing. What we have to remember is that our words have the power to heal those around us, but we have to be willing to let God use us an His mouthpiece. We celebrate a risen Savior who desperately wants to restore others into a life with Himself.

So, what words do you need to say this week to continue your lifestyle of worship?


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