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What’s your MISSION?


If you had to sum it all up, what would you say?  If there was one statement that explained to the world why you exist, what would it be?

Mission has become such a buzz word these days. You hear about businesses having mission statements, and churches having them too. We give money to the mission team, so they can go on a mission trip. We hear stories from missionaries, and even encourage our students to consider committing their lives to the same cause. Armed forces have missions that they set out to accomplish, and for that matter, so do terrorists and other radicals. Many churches and other organizations have “Commissioning” services where people are sent out with the support of the local group. My wife swears when she’s hunting for coupons that she’s “on a mission” for the best deal!

With all these missions going on around us, you’d think we’d be the most focused that we’ve ever been.  With so much clarity on purpose, productivity should be through the roof. And to some degree, that’s true. We’re DOING more than our parents did, and we’re GOING farther than they did 50 years ago. And what have we sacrificed in the meantime?

This past Sunday at 612, our students were encouraged to chose a mission for their lives. To not be satisfied with the norm, but to embrace a mission that would challenge them, and would bring God’s Kingdom to earth. We all have a mission of some kind. Our job as believers is to try to line our mission up with what God has called us to; To love God, and to love others. (Here‘s our discussion sheet)

With our parents, we discussed what our children would identify as the mission that we have as parents for them. While some funny answers came up, we recognized that sometimes we make the decisions that are best for our kids, even when they protest. As a family, we should also have a mission, and should share that often with our children and other family members. Imagine what would happen if, as a family, we were behind the same goal. If we were striving for the same outcome, what things would we not fight about anymore? What would stop being issues in the home? What would we not spend our time doing?

I’ll leave you with the main point behind all my ramblings. What is your mission?  What can we do to line up our mission with His?  What do you think His mission is for your life?


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